Die Tieger
Dominion-Publishing-Die-TigerDrawn by: Coy Turnbul/Inked by: Steven Ellis
Die Tieger (The Tiger) is a creature abducted from a world slated for annihilation, and place within the womb of Mother Earth. The reason: entertainment for a jaded race of god-like beings. Earth accepts her latest charge and allows him to grow. But the darkness inside the seed is transformed. The small spark of emotion and empathy is coaxed out of the essence of a born killer growing with the planet. Before he is even born, a war rages within Die Tieger’s between a guardian’s heart and a murderer’s lust.His presence hasn’t gone unnoticed. As he emerges, forces with all kinds of agendas will pursue him. See as he fights to avoid the role of a puppet and seek to find his own voice. Fortune seems intent on not smiling on this adopted son. Only time will tell if he can protect her and save himself and perhaps all of Earth’s creatures.

Die Tieger created by: Thomas Grace
Final Character design: Charles Bostic
© Copyrighted 2004 held by Thomas Grace & Dominion Enterprises Publishing Inc. All rights reserved.


Dominion-Publishing-BreakthruDrawn by: Steven Ellis
Breakthru was born Alexander Wagner. This young genius briefly flirted with crime in order to fund his tuition at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). However, the mundane career options that offered to him upon his graduation paled in comparison to the life that provided him with the most adventure; The life of a thief.Quickly becoming a master at his chosen profession, he spread his wings and joined a team whose interests were similar to his own; High risk for high gain. They nicknamed him “Breakthru”, and they trusted him until the day he disappeared.Ten years have passed and Breakthru has returned. He has not apparently aged since the day of his disappearance. But it’s clear that he’s evolved in a number of ways. Adding to the mystery, He emerges from the unknown garbed in a costume that endows him with the power to transform mirrors into doorways that open into a dimension he now calls home.

Breakthru created by: Jeffery Neary
Final Character design: Mishindo Kummba I.
© Copyrighted 2004 held by Jeffery Neary & Dominion Enterprises Publishing Inc. All rights reserved.

I Am King


I am King Drawn by: Mishindo Kummba I.
Millennium ago, the great Boy Pharaoh Ankhu was forced into hiding by a revolt, secretly orchestrated by his Chief Alchemist Tehu-Set. Using a form of suspended animation, the young King escapes his subjects, along with a chosen selection of followers. He expects, like all Egyptian Kings, to emerge in the Next World where he’ll rule, but now for an eternity.
Yamilca Watson, a beautiful young archeologist in the modern era, opens his tomb. Now the young king trapped in a world he doesn’t understand, and chooses not to seek his predicted role as ruler of the world. But his alchemist has other plans. Armed with immense supernatural powers, Ankhu must fight against his now rogue alchemist, who is driven to conquer and rule the world in the name of his reluctant king. Enter this world of science, history and magic in the tale of I Am King.

I Am King created by: Charles T.Bostic III & Mishindo Kummba I.
Final Character design: Mishindo Kummba I.
© Copyrighted 2004 held by Charles Bostic III, Mishindo Kummba I. & Dominion Enterprises Publishing Inc. All rights reserved.

Armor Michelle

Dominion-Publishing-Armor-MichelleDrawn by: Charles T. Bostic III
Michelle C. James is an unwilling participant in a revolutionary and highly dangerous experiment that changes her into the most dangerous super villain on earth. Here is we’re we chronicle her life as one of the most wanted super villain the world has ever known. Narrow escapes and hair-raising captures and not to mention the big payoffs are the basic the life of this devoted villain. Through the seedy underworld and her earliest beginnings as a petty thief, this is a story about villainy through a woman point of view, her wrong decisions through the annals of the wrong of the law.
sad story that touch realist points of view, when this young woman becomes, a villain, a mother, a lover, a warrior. Armor Michelle an in-depth look at our villain a how she battles fantastic heroes as well as her life. Armor Michelle our villain.

Armor Michelle created by: Charles T. Bostic III
Final Character design: Charles Bostic /Drawn by: Bostic
© Copyrighted 2004 held by Charles Bostic III & Dominion Enterprises Publishing Inc. All rights reserved.

Fortunate Son

Dominion-Publishing-FORTUNATE-SONDrawn by: /Inked by: Steven Ellis
Pain is no stranger to Timothy Synn, he was born into a squalid existence, fatherless. His mother was beaten to death before his eyes when he was just a boy. Despite an upbringing laden with love and the teachings of Christ, Timothy never quite put his heart back together.
Early in life Timothy noticed he had a way with people. It seemed no one was immune to his enigmatic charm. He could bend others to his will with simply a flash of his lopsided grin. Greater powers and a dark destiny await a young man about to be caught in a war which has raged for eons between the forces of light and darkness themselves. The world which Timothy has known all his life will be turned inside out, that which has always belonged to the realm of fantasy will turn out to be very real indeed.

Final Character design: Charles Bostic
© Copyrighted 2004 held by Thomas Grace & Dominion Enterprises Publishing Inc. All rights reserved.
Fortunate Son created by:
Thomas Grace

 Martha Savage

Dominion-Publishing-Martha-SavageDrawn by: Rich Buckler
In a parallel universe, the world is protected by an elite force known as the Doom Guard. They watch the sky, land and sea for the ever-present threat of evil. This is a world of the future that we used to have, electro-phones and flying cars. Superheroes fly across the skies patrol the deep sea and orbit the earth to maintain order and peace.
Enter Marsha Savage, true, strong and ever vigilant in her fight for truth and justice. Martha finds herself assigned to a special case. She pursues the most notorious and sinister villains of all time, Doctor Sardonic and Professor Vague. These two men have created a machine that could allow them to take over the world. These two men have only one problem. Their power source.
They’ve come to our world to find it. Martha must overcome both her greatest nemeses and the strange world of triangulation, talking points and relative morality we call home. She’ll save the Earth if they don’t lock her up first. And her Doom Guard ID Card won’t cut her any slack here.

Martha Savage created by: James Quindonogo
Final Character design: Rich Buckler /Drawn by: Rich Buckler
© Copyrighted 2004 held by James Quirndongo & Dominion Enterprises Publishing Inc. All rights reserved.

Les Corsairs

Dominion-Publishing-LES-CORSAIRSDrawn by: Gus Vasquez
In the distant future, a galactic war destroys earth’s military outposts in deep space. Now the war edges ever closer to our planet and what was once considered our most precious resource, our children, are being recruited by the military to fight in this war. When the supply shipments have stopped to our colonized planets, famine breaks out. In the back drop of all this confusion and chaos live a small band of outcasts tries to eke out a living. They are the sexy and vivacious Les Corsairs. During a deep salvage mission, the female pirates finds an abandoned science freighter, with a small girl as the only survivor. Upon rescuing the girl they take her to live with them. Eight years later, a military recruiting team comes across a tiny blue planet known as Pirate’s Cove. The military strip the settlers of their possessions and this young girl. She is placed into the military. Les Corsairs find one of their own missing and wage a war against the military and the New Earth Alliance.

Les Corsairs created by: James Quindonogo
Final Character design: Hassan Godwin /Drawn by: Gus Vasquez
© Copyrighted 2004 held by James Quirndongo & Dominion Enterprises Publishing Inc. All rights reserved..

Will the Bounty Hunter/ Valkk

Dominion-Publishing-valkk-willDrawn by: Hassan Godwin
The standard earth year is 2553. In the last two hundred years empires, small regimes have been coming out of the woodwork. They fight for smaller and smaller patches of space to better exploit their ever-expanding greed. W’llarro, Will for short, is a bounty hunter sanctioned by the massive secret war society known mostly in legend and referred to only as the Guild. Will is a five hundred-year-old expatriate from the Bendie Paccoran Empire. A magnificent fighter and noble man in the ancient faith of Bendie, a cloistered order of scholar-warriors whose best weapon is said to be their unparalleled gift of total clarity. Now having left his empire behind him, he uses his superior skills to hunt down criminals in the name of justice by Guild standards. One such quarry he chases doggedly throughout the long stretching outposts and safety ports of the outer rims. Trying desperately to evade him they haplessly run smack dab into the middle of the Valkk, coolly efficient armor-clad defenders, genetically bred for fighting specifically. On the other side of the Galaxy, a peaceful race known as the Opaccans. Having forgotten violence, the Opaccans Engineered the Valkk to be their arms in times of war and terror. They have existed for more than a thousand years for that sole purpose. On their own path, the Valkk will themselves find that many among them are capable of the very evil they’d been bred to despise. And the Opaccans possess a secret that threatens to tear the fabric of their society apart. Together the Guild and the Valkk exist in the Galaxy that seems destined to fall by its very design.

Will the Bounty Hunter/Valkk created by: Hassan Godwin
Final Character design: Hassan Godwin
© Copyrighted 2004 held by Thomas Grace & Dominion Enterprises Publishing Inc. All rights reserved.



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About Fusion



Dominion Pub preveiws-layout-lh

Dominion Publishing Enterprises releases the FUSION ANTHOLOGY, a compilation of all its concepts — Eight unique characters. One is unifying mystery, all culminating in one powerful package.

New York, NY October, 2005 – Dominion Publishing Enterprises begins its launch with a showcase of the talents and ideas that have infused the company with the energy it has become known for. The FUSION ANTHOLOGY is a collection of interlocking stories featuring concepts such as Valkk, I Am King, Armor Michelle and Les Corsairs. Together they form a compilation, a “tales of the Dominion”. All the characters of the Dominion are compelled to deal with a mysterious object that may contain a deadly secret that they must discover before it’s too late.

This project showcases over a dozen talented artists and writers. You’ll see rising stars of the industry such as Koi (Fathom) Turnbull, Gus (Spiderman) Vasquez along with Yvel (Aquaman) Guichet. Adding a touch of experience is veteran Rich Buckler Jr. In addition, you’ll see the writing talents of early Dominion creators like Jeffrey Neary, Jim Quirindingo and Thomas Grace. FUSION ANTHOLOGY is 68 pages, full color and presented in the patented Dominion Publishing Enterprises™ N’Case format. This product is unique among both the comic and sci-fi/fantasy products. Unlike other comic books, it offers a stand-alone story, no eternal collection of comics waiting for an ending here. Also, it presents mainstream sci-fi/fantasy enthusiasts with a different kind of story without compromising their tastes. It’s sure to be a hit.

Follow the seemingly wandering path of an object of unknown power and potential as it careens through the lives of many heroes and villains. It will begin the story of one hero, lead another closer to the truth of his origin, and nearly end the career of a villain. Terrifying consequences await its use in the far-flung future. This is the FUSION ANTHOLOGY. See how a mystic hero of the Earth, a possible messiah, a thief with a strange power, an indestructible yet fragile villain, a displaced superhero, five gorgeous mercenaries of the future and two aliens at each others throats deal with the mystery of the Orb. The Fusion Anthology is a collection of stories involving members of the Dominion universe. Enter the Dominion and prepare for a whole new dimension of wonder.

Prepare to be Loyal.
For additional information or a sample copy, Contact:

James Quirindongo | Martha Savage the Danger Girl | Les Corsairs

Les Coriars Final Character design: Gus Vasquez
Martha Savage Final Character design: Bostic
©Copyrighted 2004 held by James Quirindongo & Dominion Enterprises Publishing Inc. All rights reserved.




Jeffrey Neary | Breakthru

Jeffrey Neary has been obsessed with comic books for over twenty years. Ever since he picked up the World’s Finest issue where Batman and Superman tackle the Composite Superman, he was hooked. The pursuit of original and captivating escapist tales led him far and wide within the exploration of this genre. In meeting with hundreds of creators across the United States he was taught a core philosophy. Comics are meant to be enjoyed. This value took hold within his heart as he grew into a connoisseur, a critic and ultimately a writer and creator. Even during his days as a reviewer for where his words were printed on the back of Batman: Hush Vol. 2 as well as several of DC’s press releases, he knew that the future of the medium comprised three elements; well crafted tales, picturesque art and a passion for having fun. Through Breakthru, Jeffrey hopes that he has stayed loyal to these tenets. You can be the judge.

Breakthru created by: Jeffrey Neary. Final Character design: Mishindo Kummba I.
© Copyrighted 2004 held by Jeffrey Neary & Dominion Enterprises Publishing Inc. All rights reserved. .


Hassan Godwin | Valkk/Will the Bounty Hunter

Hassan Godwin has worked within the confines of the comic book industry for nearly 15 years in several different capacities, first as an intern, to a mailing clerk, to a production designer, and even an Accountant. Though through all this he has always maintained a devout loyalty to the creative medium that is most utilized in the comic book arena. During High school he got and internship with marvel comics. After graduation he attended the Pratt institute of art in the early 1990’s during which he also attended several trade schools for comic book specialties, all while holding down odd jobs. In 93 he scored and internship with Valiant comics, which was fated to become Acclaim comics during his five and a half year employment there in various capacities. When acclaim closed its doors for good he went to Wizard Entertainment, where he remains currently. He’s worked diligently to hone his talents and make the marketable, while still entertaining and captivating. His books of Valkk and Will, The bounty hunter are his latest brainchildren.

Valkk & Will The Bounty Hunter created by: Hassan Godwin
Final Character design: Hassan Godwin
©Copyrighted 2004 held by Hassan Godwin & Dominion Enterprises Publishing Inc. All rights reserved.


Thomas Grace | Die Tiger | Fortunate Son

Thomas Grace worked enthusiastically as a youth with the original Dominion crew from 96-98 creating two concepts, Die Tiger and Fortunate Son.   He learned much about the fundamentals of comic book storytelling along the way, refining and redesigning his characters. Always fascinated with crime fighters and the classic tragic hero he sought to present extraordinary characters that were identifiable to ordinary people. In essence showing the humanity of   the superhuman.  As always, life decided to get in the way and force Tom away from the industry for a time, putting his burgeoning writing career on hold.   Flash forward nearly a decade later to 2004. Having realized his dream of becoming a real life crime fighter, Tom is now protecting the greatest city in the world as a NYC Police Officer. He now hopes to rekindle and revitalize a previous dream.   He hopes to present a revamped and modernized version of the tale of Earth’s Tragic Son, Die Tiger. His influences range from Bukowski to Ennis to the cold six pack in his fridge. All of the books, poems and stories have taught him one simple truth…”Life is a four letter word for Art.”

Fortunate Son created by: Thomas Grace
Final Character design: Charles Bostic
©Copyrighted 2004 held by Thomas Grace & Dominion Enterprises Publishing Inc. All rights reserved. .


Alex Glass | House of Fang | Editor
EditorAlex Glass came to heroic storytelling early, having read the Iliad and the Odyssey by the age of nine. After discovering a talent for drawing and a passion for writing, he chose (after getting a B.A. in English at the insistence of his family) to attend the Joe Kubert School for Cartoon Art and Animation in New Jersey. This turned into an internship at Valiant Comics, where Alex boxed shipped, marketed, wrote about, did production on, and eventually edited and wrote comics. He achieved Assistant Editor Status there before the company folded. Since then he’s written for the Art Asylum and has worked in Direct Market advertising. Over the last ten years, Alex has worked on and off with Dominion Publishing.

Fusion edited by: Alex Glass


Charles T. Bostic III | Armor Michelle | I am King

Born and raised in Brooklyn, as a Comic Book Artist /Graphic Designer, despite my age I have been in my professional for the past seventeen years, as a child I spent most of my time in art. I’ve always tried to be a creative person and I try to add a little beauty through everything I contact. My interest mainly stems from my little world such as art (illustration, Science Fiction) writing (little poetry, words of inspiration, more Science Fiction) computers (hard to get away from it) philosophy (general ideologies of life and the pursuit of happiness) and the biggest part of my life raising my son (Joshua). I’ve always wanted to be in the comic book industry but couldn’t find a way to be happy in it. Confused, I know it’s like wanting to play in the band but hated to play the song they always seem to be playing. I always thought every highly of the medium and see it great potential and first step I will not only announce my birth, but make a statement on the hopefully changing industry.


Armor Michelle/I am King created by: Bostic Final Character design: Bostic
© Copyrighted 2004 held by Charles Bostic III & Dominion Enterprises Publishing Inc. All rights reserved.